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of oil, to avoid friction, and keep the company
smooth....You can put anything, and the more
things the better, into salad, as into a conver-
sation, but everything depends upon the skill of

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snow In San Francisco!

It's supposed to snow in San Francisco Friday night. It hasn't done so in nearly forty years.  Everyone's talking about it and scurrying around stocking up on foodstuffs for the predicted event. What to eat for such an auspicious occasion? To my mind, this is a no brainer. What could be more comforting and celebratory than crab...'tis still the season. It's Wednesday, so I make my way to the Santa Rosa Farmers' Market. 

After a Spanish omelette at Mateo Granados' Yucatan Tamale stand, where people leave transformed,

I set off to get to the ingredients for the weekends' celebratory nod to the snow.

Some mushrooms for a side.
A simple salad.
Infused oil for dipping and dressing from The Olive Press.

French loaves from Full Circle Baking Company

To tell the truth, as Four Eyes never lies, I'll be taking this trip in my mind. I  have to attend Traffic School on Saturday, so I'll have no time for cooking.  That is, if I can get there through the snow!

Monday, February 14, 2011


Celebrating the New Year and Valentine's Day in pictures.

A Valentine latte at The Flying Goat, Santa Rosa, CA

Coffee Bar, Rooftop Garden SFMOMA

Quail Eggs, Santa Rosa, CA Farm Market

Mushroom stand at Santa Rosa Farm Market.
Always mobbed.

Posterized cookie cutters.

Heart Sourdough Bread from The Basque Cafe and Bakery
Sonoma, CA.

Chili heart
Red Barn Store
Sonoma, CA

Chocolate gift from a friend. Lucky me!

Figs, Santa Rosa Farm Market

Chocolate case
Dean and Deluca
St. Helena, CA

Wine and Fire

Four Eyes wishes Happy Valentine's Day to all.
Love is the answer.

(all photographs copyright 2011)