Welcome to Four Eyes Forum, a meeting place to exchange news and views on food, food photography, the word on food, food science, style and architecture. Join me, the blogger who wears glasses, in this world as I throw out engaging stuff that I think you'll find interesting, beautiful and delicious. As Charles Dudley Warner, American editor and writer, said,
"Lettuce, like conversation, requires a good deal
of oil, to avoid friction, and keep the company
smooth....You can put anything, and the more
things the better, into salad, as into a conver-
sation, but everything depends upon the skill of

That's my job.

(All photographs, unless otherwise cited, copyright
Kristin Halgedahl Photography 2016)

About Me

I suppose I am like any good recipe -- many different parts mixed very well.
I am half Italian and half Norwegian.
I had a double major in college -- English and music.
I am a classical musician who rarely listens to it offstage;
I prefer jazz and funk.
I am a chameleon.
I can make my presence known or I can be mute and invisible.

When I am mute and invisible, I am a photographer.
I love any camera, and have no greater passion than to shoot food.
I most admire the food photography of Irving Penn, Noel Barnhurst,
Roland Bello, Maria Robledo, Thayer Gowdy, Ditte Isager and Kenji
Toma. You'll see my images throughout this blog.

I didn't know much about food, nor could I cook for thirty years.
My crowning achievement during that time was setting my first Thanksgiving turkey
on fire because I didn't know there was a giblet bag in the cavity that needed to be taken out.
We had spaghetti for Thanksgiving, with all the trimmings.
Now I cook very well, and love doing so.

I've jumped into the food blog waters because I started it when I lived in Santa Rosa, CA, the heart of wine country north of San Francisco. The Bay Area is one of the great food Meccas in the world; now I'm exploring another northern one, in Traverse City, Michigan, the Cherry Capital of the World. It's got a lot of San Francisco in it --  big water, verdant farmland, clean air, and a plethora of chefs!  

No matter where I live, however, blogging about and photographing food is a process that leads me to be a better thinker, shopper, cook, diner.  And a better communicator -- a conduit through which means meet their ends.

(All photographs copyright 2015 Kristin Halgedahl Photography)